10 best Minecraft shaders with good FPS (2022)

Shaders are a popular mod in Minecraft that enhances the game’s visual appeal. Shaders mods help the game look more realistic by replicating lighting, reflections, and shadows in a new way. Shaders mods come in a variety of sizes and capabilities; some are large and require a fast computer to function, while others are tuned to reduce lag and work on less powerful PCs.

In this article, we’ll go through our top ten shader tweaks that don’t degrade FPS while running.

10 best Minecraft shaders mods with good FPS

SORA Shaders

SORA Shaders is a lag-free shaders set that will wow you. It’s remarkable that this mod is lag-free, given how lovely it is. This shaders mod is quite effective, with about 70% of users reporting FPS values above 60 FPS.

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Lagless Shaders Mod

Because of how effectively it runs on low-cost PCs and Macs, the Lagless Shaders Mod is one of the most popular shaders mods ever. This shaders hack adds a wonderful, realistic twist to your game without sacrificing FPS.


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Vanilla Plus is the ideal mod for people who wish to keep your game’s vanilla feel while tweaking the lighting. This mod also prevents the game from being too dark at night, which is a problem with some shader packs.

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SFLP Shaders

SFLP Shaders was designed with low-end PCs in mind, therefore the FPS expenses are rather minimal. A nice pink sky and lovely water reflections can be found in this shaders patch. This mod is compatible with any graphics hardware.

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Tea Shaders

Tea Shaders is a nice shaders mod for individuals who don’t want their reflections and colors to be too dramatic. Tea Shaders is a very light and subdued color. Waving leaves, water waves, bespoke biome effects, and more are just a few of the fascinating features.

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Refer to more Tea shaders on Minecraft Bedrock: Tea Shader

Magnificent Atmospheric Shaders

While the name suggests that this shaders mod is powerful, it is actually quite light. A faint mist on the horizon, as well as soft shadows and lights, are included in this shaders set.

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YoFPS Shaders

YoFPS Shaders is a light shaders set with a simple appearance. Because this pack lacks shadows, gamers can still play it without sacrificing FPS.

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Builders QOL Shaders

Builders QOL Shaders is an excellent collection for those that want to maintain high FPS. A unique sky and lovely water refractions are included in the set. Users will be astonished to learn that this is not a high-end shaders bundle.

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Chocapic13 High Performance Shaders

Chocapic13 High Performance Shaders adds stunning shadows and rays to a pack that doesn’t necessitate a high-end graphics hardware to run. This pack is ideal for individuals looking to make significant changes to Minecraft.

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Sildur’s Vibrant Lite

Sildur’s shaders are regarded as some of the greatest shader mods available. Sildur offers a variety of settings, with certain shaders packs being quite intensive and others, such as Vibrant Lite, being lagless.

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