10 best texture packs for optimum FPS in Minecraft

Using Minecraft’s vast variety of user-created texture packs is a fantastic way to personalize one’s gameplay.

Higher-resolution texture packs, on the other hand, can result in a loss of frames per second depending on the player’s hardware (FPS). This can be a frustrating experience for gamers, since it can cause inconsistency in smoothness, as well as numerous hitches and the possibility of hanging.

Great texture packs for optimum FPS

1) Super Pack 4×4

Super Pack 4×4 compresses Minecraft’s textures to a 4×4 resolution, giving it a classic pixellated aesthetic that looks great and boosts FPS significantly.

Weather impacts are considerably reduced, guaranteeing that things like rain and snow do not create FPS concerns in the future.

Another nice feature of this pack is that players will still be able to tell which bricks are which. This eliminates any potential for misunderstanding caused by texture downscaling.

Downscaling pixellated aesthetics are also applied to items and tools, keeping them consistent with the pack’s general concept.

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2) 8×8 FPS Boosting Texture Pack

This texture pack uses an 8×8 grid to keep everything as sharp as possible. Minecraft players who use this pack should see a considerable increase in FPS while still being able to identify blocks and things with ease.

The 8×8 FPS Boosting Texture Pack downscales textures while maintaining their patterns to keep landscapes and items recognizable.

These textures aren’t as little as those seen in other collections. However, it maintains the game’s overall art aesthetic.

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3) 8-bitCraft 2

Many texture packs have connected textures, which is one of their most appealing qualities. Players can use the option in 8-bitCraft 2 and still get a boost in FPS.

The pack’s textures are still fairly appealing. They maintain the overall look and feel of the game, but the blending of related textures assures visual integrity.

This texture pack will appeal to players who prefer retro video games since it gives game worlds an old-school look without losing hardware performance. It won’t wow people searching for more aesthetically stunning textures, but it’ll suffice.

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4) Low Poly Resource Pack

The Low Poly Resource Pack boosts FPS while leaving Minecraft’s base textures in place by reducing the pixel count of the game’s default textures.

Although the pack can be called a “demake” of the game’s standard aesthetic, gamers will welcome the huge performance boost.

Dirt, stone, obsidian, and every other block appear to be the same, and gamers can enjoy a much smoother gameplay experience as a result.

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5) Lushcraft Speed

Lushcraft Speed is an incredible blend of 8×8 textures with their own loving details that delivers great FPS while still having its own texture art style.

Although the textures are downscaled, they have a distinct look that sets them apart from other packs.

Leaf blocks, for example, have little designs engraved onto them. Players will also notice the subtle wave of sand dunes in deserts.

Cows, in particular, have undergone a slight transformation, adopting the popularized black and white style.

6) Retro Pompeii

Retro Pompeii is inspired by the historic Italian city that was buried under the volcanic explosion of Mt. Vesuvius and uses a limited color palette to great effect.


The textures in the texture pack have a “dot and dash” look to them, giving them depth despite the limited color palette.


Given the limits it was designed with, Retro Pompeii is incredibly stylish, yet it still has a superb FPS. It offers a great balance of art style and performance boost, and the colors in a player’s Minecraft world can still be eye-catching.

Although the ore blocks in the pack are subtle and sometimes be difficult to detect, it is still a fantastic pick for players looking for faster framerates.

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7) SimpleJCraft

SimpleJCraft uses squares to emphasize the forms of its textures, whereas Retro Pompeii uses dots and dashes to great effect. To create the illusion of depth and indentations, several of the blocks use little squares and dashes. Even grass blocks have a multi-square feel to them.

This pack keeps Minecraft’s cubic nature while improving framerates significantly.

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8) Digs’ Simple Pack

For many people, Minecraft’s default textures are sufficient, and Digs’ Simple Pack leaves them relatively untouched while lowering their complexity.

This pack’s aesthetics are similar, but not identical, to the “rapid” graphics setting in-game. The appearances of mobs and blocks are mostly preserved. They just lack a few pixels here and there to aid a player’s hardware in rendering their scene rapidly.

With this texture pack, FPS issues should be a thing of the past, though hardware limits will ultimately determine how much a player’s framerate improves.

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9) 1×1/2×2

Although it isn’t the most gorgeous texture pack available, 1×1/2×2 compresses the game’s fundamental textures to the nth degree. To preserve as much RAM as possible for the player’s graphics card and processor, the game’s blocks and items are reduced to their most basic color palettes.

This results in textures that are exceedingly simple, even by the standards of many texture packs, building blocks out of basic color combinations.

Although it won’t win any beauty contests, 1×1/2×2 is a pack that is guaranteed to deliver maximum performance on virtually any piece of hardware capable of running the game.

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10) PixelPack

PixelPack, like 1×1/2×2, does everything it can to free up resources for the player’s machine. Some blocks are reduced to just one base color, which can make distinguishing between andesite and diorite difficult.

This texture collection makes creating textures a breeze. However, the game’s graphics can only be pushed so far to lessen the processing strain on a player’s system.

If gamers have exhausted all other alternatives for resolving FPS issues, this texture pack may be the last resort.

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