4 best Minecraft resource packs to reduce lag (2022)

As many of its users are likely aware, Minecraft is not an entirely optimized game. It’s not the developers’ fault that it’s not what they intended; it’s just not meant to be like other contemporary games. This is notably true of the game’s graphics, which are noticeably “worse” than those of its contemporary competitors who place a higher priority on aesthetically pleasing aesthetics.

The game itself, including the aesthetics, can be freely customized by players, according to Mojang. In the Bedrock Edition, there are two alternative ways to modify the game: resource packs and behavior packs. Mods can be used to accomplish this.

Resource packs alter the visual appearance of the game, which may or may not be for the better. Some of these can even alter the FPS of the game and lessen general lag. A few useful resource packs to reduce game lag are listed in this article.

Best Minecraft resource packs to reduce lag

4) MoreFPSPack

This resource pack, as its name would imply, is solely intended to lessen lag. By limiting everything to a minimum, it prioritizes having more frames per second, which can help even the slowest systems operate a little faster.

The game plays significantly more smoothly and quickly overall thanks to the pack’s simpler textures, which take less time to load.

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3) Mythic Texture Pack

Many FPS-boosting packs give FPS precedence over real-world textures. This is usually acceptable because the main purpose of these texture packs is to lessen lag.

However, the Mythic Texture Pack doesn’t sacrifice textures in order to attain these effects. With this pack, gamers seeking a realistic experience can receive respectable frame rates and high-quality textures at once.

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2) 8×8 Boosting Texture Pack

Players who don’t want to fiddle with the textures too much should use the 8×8 Boosting Texture Pack. The aesthetics play a major role in giving Minecraft a retro vibe.


Gamers may continue to feel as though they are playing the game while also optimizing the FPS to lessen lag with the help of this texture pack.

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1) Optimizer+ PE (Boost FPS)

This texture pack is among the best overall and is optimized for Minecraft Pocket Edition, as the name would imply. It has “ancient water,” which greatly raises any system’s frame rate.

The game’s clouds also continue to be 2D, which significantly reduces lag. Additionally, this pack has no particles, which significantly reduces the amount of memory required. Overall, the FPS and lag are greatly improved by this resource pack.

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