5 best realistic texture packs for Minecraft PE 1.18

Minecraft texture packs improve the game’s basic look and some even take it to the next level. Despite the fact that Minecraft Pocket Edition is a mobile version of the original game, it retains features like texture packs. These packs are simple to install and change the game’s aesthetic.

Players are even more enthralled to explore the world with the new Minecraft 1.18 release. However, many of them wish for more realistic gameplay rather than the game’s standard sandbox aesthetic. Others may grow tired of the game’s standard aesthetics and want to change the look of their surroundings.

Hundreds of texture packs are available on the Minecraft marketplace, making it tough to sort through them all. With that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of texture packs that can be used to make Minecraft PE look more realistic.

5 best realistic texture packs for Minecraft PE 1.18

1) Modern HD

The bricks in the vanilla game may appear medieval and unsuitable for building modern constructions, but that is no longer the case with the Modern HD addon. The game’s blocks are in HD format, with higher resolution and finer features. The blocks are smoother and more in accordance with the modern design, giving the game a more modern appearance and revitalizing the aesthetics.

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2) Stylized Resource Pack

The devil is in the details, even though this pack appears cartoonish in comparison to the others. This is one of the most detailed packs, with particularly realistic reflections.

Stylized Resource Pack

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3) Andorhal HD PE

The Andorhal HD Pack’s details are incredible, with each block looking extremely elegant and lifelike. The realistic graphics and vibrant colors make the game look great and dynamic.

Even though the resolution of this pack is a very low 64×64, Andorhal HD packs a visual punch and won’t create any framerate issues due to its reduced resolution.


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4) Brixel Texture Pack

This texture pack will be ideal for those that enjoy Lego. Brixel gives the game a legolish appearance, and the details on each block make it appear quite realistic. Players will be stunned by the beauty provided by this texture pack when they first enter the planet after installing it.

It not only makes the blocks look like Lego bricks, but it also makes them sound like them. The pickaxe is replaced by a hammer, and all of the tools have lego textures.

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5) Luna HD resource pack

The Luna HD texture pack, which is currently one of the most popular texture packs on the market, brings the game’s vanilla look to a whole new level, making it look more vibrant than ever. It works with a variety of Minecraft versions and comes in four different resolutions.

Luna HD resource pack

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The pack also gives the blocks and objects a 3D look, making them appear more crisp and distinct. Aside from that, the reflection and shadow effects have been improved to give the game a more detailed look, and the lighting has been improved as well.

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