5 best Minecraft Dungeons features unique to the game


Minecraft Dungeons, the action RPG spin-off of the world’s most famous sandbox game, has a lot to offer both RPG and Minecraft enthusiasts.

Minecraft Dungeons, the action RPG spin-off of the world’s most famous sandbox game, has a lot to offer both RPG and Minecraft enthusiasts.

The game’s regular updates have introduced even more content to the game throughout time, offering content for both new and experienced players. The major characteristics in Minecraft Dungeons that set it distinct are listed below for curious gamers.ư

5 best exclusive features in Minecraft Dungeons

5) Class-less character progression

Although many action RPG games and dungeon crawlers have a class system or character archetypes, Minecraft Dungeons does not. Heroes can switch between melee, ranged, and magical battle as needed.


Furthermore, character builds are completely reliant on a player’s gear and enchantments, therefore there is no skill tree or class-specific approach to be mindful of. The decision to be a jack-of-all-trades or a master of one style of fighting is totally up to the player.

4) No building or mining

Minecraft Dungeons, unlike other Minecraft games, does not have any construction or mining/harvesting aspects. Though this may appear to be a disadvantage, keeping these actions out of the action RPG keeps players focused on fighting and looting.

Because this game is so fast-paced, spending time mining ores or constructing shelters would take away from the action. It may seem strange not to be able to build and harvest in a Minecraft game, but focusing the game solely on battle provides an alternative to the original Minecraft’s more relaxed gameplay.

3) A large roster of playable heroes

Whereas many dungeon crawlers, such as Diablo and Path of Exile, allow players to customize an existing character related to a class, Minecraft Dungeons offers a huge selection of heroes (also known as skins) to choose from.

These heroes range from ordinary personalities to some extremely bizarre individuals. Even better, the game’s evolution and frequent content releases have resulted in even more heroes becoming available to gamers who are willing to purchase the new Adventure Pass.

2) Soul gathering

Artifacts are an important aspect of making a build in Minecraft Dungeons, but some of them require a charge-up before they can be used. Soul harvesting lets players to collect souls from defeated adversaries and utilize them to strengthen their artifacts.

This mechanism has resulted in some great meta builds that allow players to harvest a large number of souls and use their powerful artifacts as frequently as can, resulting in some incredibly intense and frenetic gaming.

1) Unique mobs and enchantments

Minecraft Dungeons’ most valuable asset is the large number of foes and enchantments that aren’t seen in other Minecraft games. Players can use key golems to open doors, piggy banks to store emeralds, and enchantments like Thundering to strike adversaries with lightning from above with enchantments like Thundering.

Minecraft Dungeons stands out from prior Minecraft games like the original game and Minecraft: Story Mode because to the variety of new monsters, NPCs, and enchantments. Many of these foes and enchantments appear infrequently, if at all, in other action RPGs.

New monsters and NPCs are continuously being introduced well into Minecraft Dungeons’ lifecycle, thanks to the consistent release of material for the game. The game’s enchantments are also being assessed for balance throughout time to ensure that both novice and veteran players have a good time.

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