5 best Minecraft resource packs for 1.18 in 2022

Minecraft can be customized in a variety of ways, including resource packs that change the game’s textures and skybox.

With the help of mods and other plugins, players may radically change the look and feel of Minecraft, as well as the way the game works. The level to which the game is modified is entirely up to the player, and some have gone to tremendous efforts to create the ideal experience.a

Players may be overwhelmed by the number of resource packs accessible online owing to the game’s community. However, as Minecraft 1.18 enters its second year, there are still a number of excellent choices.

Resource packs for Minecraft: Top picks in 2022

5) Dramatic Skys

Dramatic Skys is a resource pack produced by theBaum64 that adds a photorealistic twist to the regular sky of Minecraft worlds. The skybox in the game is retextured at every time of day, from dawn to sunset. Players can enjoy a far more realistic environment within Minecraft’s terrain generation when combined with other photorealistic resource packs. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but a few actual sunsets might be enjoyable.

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4) Tissou’s Zombie Pack

Tissou's Zombie Pack

The zombies that already exist in Minecraft do a good job, but Tissou’s Zombie Pack gives them a more undead appearance. Instead of the off-colored flesh that regular zombies, husks, and drowned have, Tissou’s zombies resemble unfortunate souls that have been captured and eaten by the undead. Tissou’s zombies have glowing eyes and exposed innards, giving them a far more terrifying appearance than the typical Minecraft mob.

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3) Stay True

Stay True by Haimcyfly is a high-resolution upgrade of Minecraft’s vanilla aesthetics for enthusiasts of the game’s original look. Additionally, the textures in Stay True merge and link, preventing visual clashes.

Stay True

This gives Minecraft’s original design a lovely blended look, keeping the game’s mood without resorting to photorealistic graphics. Stay True is one of the greatest resource packs to match with the Optifine mod for those who can run it.

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2) Better Vanilla Building

StefanJ2’s Better Vanilla Building is an additional resource pack that improves Minecraft’s traditional experience. It adds a lot to the main game. This pack, like previous resource packs, uses Optifine’s connected textures to build a vast number of unique blocks, some of which can be constructed by combining ordinary ones. Players can, for example, combine ordinary bookshelf blocks with different wood plank types like spruce or dark oak to construct unique variants of bookshelves.

Better Vanilla Building

In addition, Better Vanilla Building adds new biome-specific monster types. For added flair and diversity, custom gear such as tools, armor, and Elytra are introduced. An anvil can even be used to alter the appearance of tools, weapons, and other items. This patch adds a little more variation to almost everything, and it’s an excellent resource pack to use with Optifine.


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1) Xray Ultimate

If users don’t want to use X-ray mods or glitches in Minecraft, they should download and import Filmjolk’s Xray Ultimate. With the exception of some construction blocks and liquids such as water and lava, Xray Ultimate turns most conventional blocks encountered in world generation into their wireframe versions.

Xray Ultimate

Minecraft players can use X-ray pack to swiftly and simply locate and dig through any ores they require without encountering any resistance or unforeseen hazard. Once players are finished, it can be switched off and replaced with another resource/texture pack, ensuring that their Minecraft does not remain in a wireframe state.

Some may dislike this resource pack since it cheapens the game experience, but others may be grateful for the ability to significantly speed up resource collection.

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With best Minecraft resource packs for 1.18 in 2022 that Minecraft-packs recommend in this post hope you can enjoy it with your friend. More texture pack for Minecraft Bedrock you can find out in


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