5 best Minecraft X-Ray Texture Packs for update 1.19

The video game Minecraft has a lot of potential and even more opportunities. The game’s amazing feature is how much personalization is possible. Additionally, X-Ray texture packs are excellent for thwarting the new 1.19 update’s ore creation!

It may be considered cheating to use these, so one should check with the server before downloading them. To help users decide which X-Ray texture pack they would like to use on a Minecraft server or personal world, we’ve produced a list of some of the better ones for this major release.

Here is a look at the 5 best Minecraft X-Ray texture packs

1) X-Ray Ultimate Texture Pack

Popular Minecraft X-ray texture pack X-Ray Ultimate has been upgraded for version 1.19. The new edition of this resource pack makes it possible to see ores through walls, and it’s also one of the most popular packs available right now.

Stone, soil, and all other non-ores vanish thanks to this texture pack, leaving just the magnificent mineral blocks visible! It employs the standard x16 resolution, which is fantastic for users of low-end PCs.

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2) Better X-Ray Texture Pack

The next excellent X-Ray resource bundle is Better X-Ray, which has been updated for version 1.19. It has a wide variety of ores and textures, as well as new or modified blocks that are compatible with the new texture pack. It puts a little less strain on a player’s PC because it is a little lighter than X-Ray Ultimate, which can occasionally increase FPS a little.

People frequently complain about Minecraft’s grinding functionality. To advance in the game, players will need to mine a lot of ores and diamonds.

These are uncommon, and only if a player has a substantial store of some of these ores can they fulfill specific missions. They can speed up the mining process with the help of this texture pack, which makes it much easier to observe.

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3) Better X-Ray Lite Texture Pack

The same individual who created the Better X-Ray texture pack also created the Better X-Ray Lite texture pack. It is, nevertheless, eight times lighter than the first pack on this list and four times lighter than the prior pack.

The texture pack is seen in the YouTube video up top for Minecraft version 1.18.1, however it has since been upgraded to 1.19. Anyone interested in this resource pack should watch the aforementioned YouTube video.

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4) Visible Ores Texture Pack

Given that it differs slightly from the other resource packs on this list, the Visible Ores resource pack is one of the better choices. Players cannot see through all blocks like they can with a typical X-Ray texture pack. They may now just make ore blocks glow to make them stand out, which offers them an advantage.

Every Minecraft player is aware of how challenging some of the rarer ores can be to find and even identify, especially in the shadowy caverns where they will likely be mining. The main objective of the Visible Ores texture pack is to make that process easier and ultimately make the game more enjoyable.


Contrary to most other packs that use X-Ray and essentially make it feel like cheating, Visible Ores manages to preserve the vanilla experience and doesn’t take away the sense of success and joy if a player unearths some diamonds.

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5) Night Vision Texture Pack

In addition to being different from the typical X-Ray resource pack on this list, the Night Vision texture pack is also a fantastic game improvement.

The majority of contemporary video games contain a night and day cycle for good reason. It gives the world a more grounded feel.

However, after darkness falls, Minecraft may become a hazardous place. The Night Vision resource pack aims to make things better for people who have trouble seeing in the dark.

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