5 best shaders for good FPS in Minecraft 1.19 update

Resource packs and shaders are two of the ways that Minecraft players can alter the game’s visual aesthetic. Resource packs alter the game’s textures, giving each object and block a unique appearance. Shaders, on the other hand, alter how the game handles elements like shadows, water, and vegetation. They are renowned for adding water reflections and waves, as well as moving grass and leaves.

However, a lot of the most popular shaders are designed for powerful PCs, pushing the game to its breaking point. For many players who could be using dated laptops or PCs, this is not ideal. Fortunately, there are several shaders available that concentrate on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the game without significantly degrading the performance, enabling all gamers to improve their experience.

How to use shaders in Minecraft 1.19

Top 5 shaders available for Minecraft 1.19 for low-end systems

OptiFine vs Iris Shaders

OptiFine and Iris Shaders are two significant and well-known foundations for shaders. The oldest of the two, OptiFine, uses code directly from the original shaders mod. Iris is a relatively new player on the scene, but because of advancements in the rendering of things and shadows, it has some significant performance advantages.

The development team for Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update said on Twitter that the update was 80% finished as of June 27, 2022, but as of the time this article was being written, OptiFine was not yet available. Since Iris is now the only way to use shaders for 1.19, it follows that Iris is the best way to do so.

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How to install and use BSL Shaders for Minecraft 1.19 update

5) YoFPS Shader

YoFPS Shader users may remark how bright it is the first thing. The fact that this shader is much brighter than the default shader in the game has advantages and disadvantages. This means that while it could be challenging to determine whether regions are sufficiently dark to spawn hostile creatures, it is still simple to see in dark situations.

Compared to the base game’s colors, those with this shader are more vivid. This is particularly apparent in the leaves, which have a much more vivid emerald green hue. It is simpler to see what is beneath the surface of the water in this shader than it is in the base game. Additionally, there is a thin layer of fog on the horizon that obscures the horizon.

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4) Complimentary Reimagined

Complimentary Reimagined, or CR, differs from many of the other shaders on this list in part because it includes directional shadows for elements like trees and grass depending on the position of the sun. They are not as pronounced as they are on some of the other shaders on this list, which may or may not be a positive thing depending on the player.

Complimentary Reimagined

A modest amount of fog obscures the area, possibly as a performance-enhancing strategy. Additionally, there is a form of light haze or fog across longer distances. This shader’s water is more transparent and lighter than plain water.

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3) Tea Shaders

Tea shader is quite vivid. The edges of hills and cliffs, which in vanilla are often rather black but in tea are just as brilliant as the tops of the blocks, serve as the best example of this. Most of the colors used are very similar to the vanilla game’s colors, though the added shadows help make things like grass stand out from all angles.

The water is one of this shader’s more recognizable features. By being either highly reflecting or completely transparent, the water in this shader avoids appearing like water in any other shader. Instead, the water has a stunning deep blue color and is about as transparent as the water in the main game.

Contrary to some of the other shaders on this list, there is no fog in the distance, thus players can see clearly even before their game has loaded, giving them complete situational awareness.

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2) Builders QoL

The shader known as Builder’s Quality of Life, or BQL, has some really intriguing impacts on Minecraft. How forceful the fog is across medium to long ranges is the effect that distinguishes this shader from others that focus on performance. As if Minecraft were a part of the Silent Hill series, anything more than a few hundred blocks distant is nearly completely hidden by fog.

BQL’s water is one advantage it has over other performance shaders. Beautiful water with gentle waves, a light blue tint, and great transparency may be found there. Of the shaders listed here, this one has by far the most attractive water. The greatest spot to see this is in the grass, where colors are also more vivid. Compared to vanilla, the grass is significantly more emerald green while using BQL.


There are no directed shadows cast by the sun in BQL, in contrast to some of the other shaders on this list. Depending on personal preference, this could be a negative or a positive.

The enchantment aura for items like weapons and armor is no longer purple but a bright rainbow instead, which is a nice new addition to BQL.

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1) Sildur’s Enhanced Default Fancy

The effect on the game’s lighting is this shader’s strongest feature. No area better illustrates this than the shadows cast by various features. For instance, depending on the position of the sun, trees, fences, grass, even caves and ravines, can all create shadows.

It is more difficult to see what is in the water in Sildur’s since it is less transparent than in the main game. Additionally, this is one of the only places where the colors of the game might alter. Though this could possibly be a result of the loss of transparency, the water seems to be a little bit darker in color.

It’s both a plus and a minus because the colors used in this shader are very identical to those in the base game. Players won’t have to get used to any new colors for the game, which is good, but it’s unfortunate because the game’s default colors aren’t particularly vibrant.

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