5 best texture packs for Minecraft FPS Boost

Many gamers are unaware of how resource-intensive Minecraft, the popular sandbox block game, can be on computers. The game creates massive limitless worlds with millions of blocks in them. The processor is put under a lot of strain while creating such large worlds full of randomness.

Because Minecraft is a low-requirement game, it runs smoothly on most machines. Players with older processors and fewer RAM, on the other hand, have a difficult time playing the game.

Fortunately, owing to the wonderful MC community, there are a plethora of options for increasing your FPS. To increase their frame rates, players can employ resources such as modified clients, mods, and texture packs. This page is about texture packs, and it includes some excellent ones for increasing FPS.

Best texture packs for Minecraft FPS Boost

5) Qwuiblington’s Ultra FPS Optimized Block Model

Many block textures are quite complex by default, and putting too many together might cause frames to drop. Qwuiblington’s resource pack improves FPS by optimizing block models. Many different blocks have bespoke models with flattened textures.

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4) Dark Pixels

Minecraft players are accustomed to engaging in PVP combat. When participating in PVP battles, players usually want to stay focused on their opponent and avoid distractions. Dark Pixels is a PVP-oriented resource pack.

Armor, weapons, golden apples, potions, and other PVP equipment and items have 8×8 textures. For a performance advantage, Dark Pixels can also be used to replace the textures of blocks.

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3) MineBricks

Selecting a resource pack with low-quality textures is the key to boosting FPS with resource packs. The game delivers a greater FPS rate than usual when it has to render low-quality textures. MineBricks converts blocks into plain-texture LEGO bricks.

Players will notice a significant boost in frame rate with MineBricks. Fans of LEGOs will appreciate this texture pack as well.

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2) Easy Blocks

By oversimplifying all textures, Easy Blocks turns Minecraft into a cartoon. These textures may bring back memories for veterans of the game’s early days. Bright textures were also included in the alpha version of Minecraft, although they were eventually removed.

Easy Blocks

The textures in Easy Blocks are faithful to the originals. It allows players to experience a cartoonish esthetic while playing the game at higher frame rates.


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1) Bare Bones

The same structures are replicated in the Bare Bones texture packs. Despite their low quality, the textures have a Minecraft-like feel to them, making them feel quite at home. Players may notice an increase in FPS when this simple texture pack is button Minecraft-Packs

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