5 best winter-themed texture packs for Minecraft Java Edition

Another feature that distinguishes Minecraft is texture packs.

Texture packs are files that change the textures of in-game entities such as blocks, tools, and even mobs in Minecraft. These packs are fantastic because they give gamers complete creative control over how they want Minecraft to look.

With the holidays approaching, adding winter-themed texture pack to Minecraft is great way to spread seasonal cheer! 
So put on your Santa cap, hang your Christmas lights, and light your menorah to get into the festive spirit!

Best winter-themed texture packs for Minecraft Java Edition

#5 Snowstorm

Snowstorm is a high-resolution Minecraft texture pack that makes most blocks look like they’re coated in snow in all directions.

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#4 Vanilla Additions – Christmas Edition

Vanilla Additions – Christmas Edition is a Minecraft texture pack that enhances vanilla Minecraft blocks with wintery accents. Animated Christmas lights are hung around several of the blocks.

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#3 Ghoulcraft

Ghoulcraft is a fantastic Minecraft texture collection with a ton of unique textures. Ghoulcraft is a sort of texture pack known as a Custom Item Resource pack, or CIT pack, that replaces things in Minecraft with unique custom items. Ghoulcraft would be a fantastic texture set for anyone looking to create incredibly realistic holiday maps.


It’s worth noting that the Optifine mod is required for this texture pack to work properly.

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#2 – Zedercraft Winter Resource Pack

The Zedercraft Winter Resource Pack is a texture pack for Minecraft that is part of the Zedercraft series. With Zedercraft’s track record of outstanding texture packs, there’s no question that this one will be fantastic.

This Minecraft texture pack adds snow on leaves, transforms paintings into winter scenes, and includes highly detailed saplings.

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#1 Just Upgrade It: Christmas Edition

Just Upgrade It: Christmas Edition is the Minecraft texture pack that will get you in the holiday spirit. This texture pack modifies mobs, blocks, and equipment to give them a festive atmosphere.

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