7 prettiest texture packs for Minecraft

Minecraft is a game with a distinct aesthetic. While most other well-known games are geared to either hyper realism or a more cartoony look, Minecraft has a pixelated throwback vibe that clearly shows off its indie beginnings.

However, given how beautiful and enticing the plain aesthetics may be, it’s tempting for gamers to yearn for something more, something different, just to shake things up. Especially if they’ve played hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of the game, as many veterans have.

7 prettiest texture packs that Minecraft players should try out

1) Luna HD

Luna HD is a free premium texture pack that includes 32×32 and 64×64 resolution packs for those who support the artists on Patreon, as well as 128×128, 256×256, 512×512, and 1024×1024 resolution packs for those who support the creators on Patreon.

One of the things that sets this pack distinct from the rest is the addition of new stained glass patterns for the game. Rather than keeping them all as single-colored panes, elaborate patterns have been applied to each color to help differentiate them.

Furthermore, the pack upscales all of the other game’s textures, adds 3D models to a large number of blocks, and gives unique flare to blocks that are generally just retextures of themselves. Many of the wooden planks, for example, have distinct textures rather than having all the same texture with varying colorations.

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2) Urban

Urban is a free premium texture pack that is extremely similar to Luna HD. The 128×128 version of the pack is free to download, however the 512×512 and 1024×1024 variants are only available to Patreon backers.

Urban’s stated purpose as a texture pack is to completely transform the game’s look and feel by reimagining and recoloring every material available. And it succeeds in this, since it looks and feels like a completely different game than the original.

The merged glass textures are one of the features that most players will appreciate. Large windows made up of multiple glass blocks will look as a single solid sheet of glass as a result of this.

One of the most common concerns about the game’s original design is how glass tends to break apart with the edge lines in larger chunks, which this texture pack elegantly addresses.

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3) ModernArch

Like the other two, MordernArch is a free premium texture set. For those who wish to view everything the pack has to offer, there is a 128×128 option accessible for free, with 256×256, 512×512, and 1024×1024 variants available for Patreon Patrons.

The attention to modern design aesthetics and visuals is the key pull of this texture collection over others. Modern oven and cooktop combinations have taken the place of fireplaces. Wherever possible, the pack updates blocks to give them a more current feel. Despite this, the game’s more magical or fanciful features receive a lot of attention.

Armor, ore, and materials blocks, as well as everything else a player may imagine, have been updated in a fashion that is still credible for the game as a whole.

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4) Pixelbos

Pixelbos has made a free 64×64 texture pack accessible for users to try out. Those that support them on Patreon get access to 128×128, 256×256, and 512×512 packs, so they can see how far this pack can push their game. As a result, it is yet another free premium pack on the list.

Pixelbos embraces the game’s more colourful and cartoonish nature while still upscaling the textures, whereas many of the other entries on this list attempted to separate themselves from Minecraft’s basic look to distinguish themselves distinct.


Pixelbos achieves a delicate balance between making the game look better while still feeling like the game we all know and love, which is frequently a challenging combination to achieve.

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5) Faithful 32×32

Faithful is devoted to being Minecraft, as the name suggests. It’s simple for a lot of texture and resource packs that try to make the game seem nicer or better looking to entirely lose the game’s essence and make it look worse. This is frequently owing to a commitment to having higher resolution textures that outperform everything else.

By no means does Faithful 32 suffer from this. It is so faithful to Minecraft that, given enough time, one might easily convince oneself that this is how the game has always seemed. The textures are upscaled to 32×32 pixels, rather than the 16×16 of the standard game. The added clarity and detail is straightforward, easy on the eyes, and maintains immersion.

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6) Epic Adventures

Epic Adventures is a free texture pack that increases the default texture resolution of the game from 16×16 to 32×32 pixels. Epic Adventures is a darker, grungier, and more medieval version of these texture updates to the game, and it has a lot of features that builders will appreciate.

For starters, the collection includes a variety of mixing textures. When put adjacent to one another, for example, both glass and stained glass, as well as polished diorite, combine their textures to increase realism and immersion.

While many packs do this with glass, only a few do it with other blocks, which helps to distinguish this pack from the competition.

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7) Clarity

When it comes to texture packs that improve the game’s aesthetics, Clarity is the best of the best. This texture pack is free, but it only comes with a 32×32 texture choice.

Despite the fact that the textures do not have the highest pixel count, the pack is magnificent. It makes up for the lack of quality by using the colors inside the textures to create depth and aesthetic appeal to many of the game’s visuals. This texture pack looks like what Minecraft was originally supposed to look like: a significant upgrade over the game’s vanilla appearance in practically every manner.

While the textures aren’t the most realistic on the market, they’re so well-done that they look better than the other packs on this list that claim about their hyper-realism.

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