Bare Bones Texture Pack

Bare Bones texture is a texture pack with the purpose of bringing your world and the dereliction Minecraft textures to it’s bare bones.

Cre: RobotPantaloons (Youtube, Twitter)

Bare Bones texture pack

Bare Bones texture pack is a simplistic and vibrant pack that’s fun to use and makes your own Minecraft worlds look various!

Bare Bone texture pack - Bare Bone texture pack -

Bare Bone texture pack -



Bare Bone texture pack


Bare Bone texture pack

Bare Bone texture pack
Bare Bone texture pack

Join the Bare Bones Discord garçon
All textures for1.17 have been added.
If you find any bugs or missing textures notify me in the Bare Bones Discord garçon.

Most popular you can like:

– Textures changed
– Maturity of block textures changed where possible
– Item textures changed similar as; wheat, timepiece, brands, pickaxes, itemframes, doormats, pumpkin pie.
– Painting textures changed
– Flyspeck textures changed
– Reality textures changed similar as; panda, steed, steed armour, alex, steve, drowned, hoglin, zoglin, zombified piglin, piglin, privateer, ransomer, evoker, townies, zombie townies, magma cell, wolf, fish, wandering dealer, polar bear, witch.
– Colormaps changed

In addition, more trending packs and shaders, you can check at

Download Bare Bones Texture Pack


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