Bedless Noob Texture Pack 500k 1.8.9

The visually appealing Bedless Noob Texture Pack 500k 1.8.9 adds to the fun of Minecraft’s PvP features.

To make the entire game more enjoyable, it replaces the stock texture packs with some of the most awesome-looking retextures for armor and weaponry.

The improved FPS you obtain after using and installing this addon in Minecraft is one of the best advantages you may anticipate.

What is Bedless Noob Texture Pack 500k 1.8.9

To honor the legendary YouTuber Bedless Noob’s 500k subscriber milestone, this PvP texture pack was especially made.

The pack was produced and designed by EpicLunarHorn12 in an effort to support Bedless Noob‘s efforts over the years to amuse the Minecraft community.

Since it was created to be an FPS boosting resource pack, some of the features you can anticipate from this pack include extremely fast frame rates.

You should also be aware that it makes use of low fire, short swords, and nearly all of the other things you would anticipate from a PvP pack.

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Top Bedless Noob Texture Pack for Minecraft

500k Bedless Noob Preview


500k Bedless Noob

Bedless Noob Texture Pack 500k 1.8.9 Download

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