5 best texture packs for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition in 2022

Minecraft is a game for innovation and personalization, as evidenced by the numerous texture packs available for all of the game’s editions.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, like Java Edition, offers a large number of downloadable texture packs that players may use to personalize their gameplay. These packs come in a variety of designs, from old pixelated to vanilla-inspired to high-fidelity photorealism.

The best texture pack for a player is determined by their preferences and hardware limitations, but there’s no harm in trying a few different packs until they find one they enjoy.

As the year 2022 draws to a close, many players can take a look at some of the best texture pack possibilities.

Minecraft: Best new Bedrock texture packs for 2022

5) Soft n’ Simply by MidnitePixel

When it comes to pixellated retro graphics, Minecraft’s natural textures are adequate, but Soft n’ Simple cleans them up while maintaining an old-school feel. Soft n’ Simple has a vibrant set of textures that don’t drastically alter the appearance of any in-game textures; instead, it gives them a more vibrant and well-rounded look.

Best new Bedrock texture packs for 2022

Blocks appear to be a little smoother with this texture pack, which is appealing to players that like a more conventional feel.

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4) The Ashlands

The Ashlands is a great place to go if you’re looking for a post-apocalyptic survival game. Although this is a resource pack, it does offer a massive texture update to fit the dry, dead, and desolate mood.

Although the water appears to be rather clean, the world’s flora with this pack is definitely in poor shape. Whatever disaster spawned The Ashlands, apocalyptic survivalists will feel right at home in this desolate wasteland.

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3) Nostalgia RTX by Winz1234

Minecraft’s graphics are adequate for the time, and some players prefer the game’s original appearance and feel. However, it isn’t a bad idea to give them a makeover if at all possible.

That’s where Nostalgia RTX, a bundle presently in testing, comes in. Nostalgia RTX uses RTX technology to add AI-informed ray tracing to blocks (if users haven’t already downloaded ray tracing from Mojang’s official site), as well as heightmaps and textures from previous versions of the game.

PBR, or physics-based rendering, is also used in the pack to simulate realistic light effects. Natural light will cast itself across blocks in a much more holistic and realistic manner when RTX and PBR are combined.

Although it doesn’t do much in terms of textures, Nostalgia RTX provides a stunning visual experience with old-school Minecraft textures.

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2) The Call of the Wild by Michelins

The Call of the Wild is a superb texture pack that may be dubbed “Vanilla+” because it adds more depth and flair to the game’s original texture designs, despite the fact that it’s still in beta. However, it doesn’t just enhance texture resolutions; some blocks are reworked to have better geometry.

Spikes and blooms, for example, can be seen in Chorus Trees at the End. Ores glow up in a way that aids gameplay, making them significantly more apparent even in low light circumstances.

This pack was designed for Pocket Edition, but because Pocket and Bedrock Editions use the same codebase, adapting it for use in Bedrock is a breeze.

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1) Radiant Pack RTX by Lioncat6

In 2022, players who appreciate great lighting should check out Lioncat6’s Radiant Pack RTX. The Radiant Pack uses the same RTX technology as other texture packs to give several of the game’s blocks a spectacular specularity.

Due to the Radiant Pack’s stunning glow, portal blocks, fire, mineral blocks, and even ender’s eyes can stand out substantially in practically any shader pack. This pack is one of the greatest new additions to the large roster of texture and resource packs in 2022. It may not be for everyone, but it is one of the best new additions to the massive roster of texture and resource packs in 2022.


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Your Minecraft world will be much more interesting if you add the texture packs share below to the game:

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