BNS Shader

Use the BNS shaders to give your world a more realistic appearance. It works with mobile users (iOS, Android). The device should have at least 1GB of RAM for this shader to operate smoothly and without lags. Reduce your render chunk distance to 7 below if the player still lags on a device with 1 to 2 GB of RAM.

Cre: RenderChunk Gaming

BNS Shader RAM Specs:

  • 1GB RAM: Normal like the vanilla pack
  • 2GB RAM: Smooth
  • 3GB RAM: Super Smooth
  • 4GB RAM: No lag, super-duper smooth

Some other minecraft pe shader you can check in

So I recommend this shader for 2 -4 GB+ of ram for mobile device

  • Realistic Water + Sky
  • Underwater Wavy Effect
  • Clear Water
  • Rendered Clouds
  • Smooth Shadow
  • Block Side Shadows
  • Dynamic Lighting
  • Rain Fog Effect
  • Waving Grass, Leaves, Flowers, and more

  • Realistic Blocks
  • Realistic Sun and Moon
  • Sunflare Effect
  • Night Sky Rendered

If the blocks are invisible, just simply go to settings
reset/clear minecraft data.


Nothing from this work may be copied or distributed without the author’s consent. Anybody who has permission must only distribute the shader together with the proper download links and author credits.

You must get in touch with the author if you want to share and alter the scripts in any other ways.
You are welcome to distribute or promote my shader on YouTube, but please remember to give me credit. I am counting on you to distribute my shader to everyone.

More Credits

@PSLOL3 who lending me his sun-moon code
@TheHybred who lending me his sky. material code

download button Minecraft-Packs

BNS Shader v1.5.mcpack (Vanilla Texture) (Same Features)

BNS_Shader_v1.5.mcpack (Different Texture) (Same Features)

Download BNS_Shader v1.0 (Zip)

My Discord Server

More shader for Minecraft Java you can check in Minecraft Shader in

or find in shader app:


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