Default Touch Up

Default Touch Up is a texture pack that improves vanilla mobs more. The main features of this resource pack include completely functional eyes, as well as minor animation improvements. It also comes in a texture-enhanced version, which adds greater diversity to numerous mobs.

Cre: kamii (Twitter)

Default Touch Up


  1. Added working eyes for several mobs
  2. Changed walk and look animations for most mobs
  3. Added new sit animation when using a fishing rod
  4. Added new climb animation for spider
  5. Added some models improvements to animals
  6. Added new player swimming animation (bug in creative mode)
  7. Added more variety texture to some mobs (plus version only)
  8. etc

Reviews some screenshots from

download button Minecraft-Packs

Default Touch Up (with custom models)

Default Touch Up Plus (with custom textures and models)

Default Touch Up Minus (without custom textures and models) or Download now (Link Backup)

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