ESBE 3G Shader

A shader pack for Bedrock Edition called ESBE 3G shader makes your world more gorgeous while using fewer system resources. the recognized replacement for ESBE 2G Shader. You don’t need to prepare a strong device (iPhone 5s is enough to). Enjoy the splendor of your world!

Cre: Mcbe_Eringi (Twitter)

ESBE 3G Shader

Some screenshots review from

  • More lightweight depiction
  • Luminace based tone map with varying saturation
  • Waving water, leaves, crops, flowers, and nether gate
  • New water reflection with correct cloud position (chuk border issue resolved)
  • Wet effect when raining
  • Texture hybrid shader generated moon (auto switched to default render when the texture detected)

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Download ESBE 3G Shader

Download ESBE 3G Shader (Link backup) 

More shader for Minecraft Bedrock you can check, it’s available in



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