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Autumn colors will be added to your Minecraft world! This easy mod adds gorgeous fall colors to the foliage of Oak, Dark Oak, Birch, Acacia, and Azalea plants (yellow, orange, red, purple, etc).

Cre: Bluskale

Fall Colors

Bring a little autumn to your Minecraft world! In this simple texture pack, most trees’ traditional green foliage is replaced with stunning fall colors based on genuine fall hues for each tree species (jungle and spruce excluded). The foliage blocks on each tree will have 4-5 various color variations, giving the trees a more realistic fall color blend. Woods will all have their own individual appearance since different types of trees showcase different hues and degrees of color variation.

This patch has no effect on achievements because it only alters a few textures. Please keep in mind that when these textures are enabled, the biome foliage shading is disabled.

The following is a list of new foliage appearances:

Acacia trees:

Dark oak and birch trees:

Oak and jungle trees:


Birch and dark oak spruce trees:

Forest of oaks and birches:

Fall colors - Forest of oaks and birches:


To demonstrate how changes appear in-game, more examples from natural woods have been added.

More texture packs you can find out more in or main site

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