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Fused Vanilla Shader VDark

A new set of Fused Vanilla Shaders has been released. It has all of the functionality of VLight, plus more world colors, lighting, and other options. This shader is recommended if you want to increase vanilla Minecraft performance without sacrificing FPS, as it is FPS friendly and runs smoothly on devices with 1-2 GB of RAM.
There isn’t much of a difference in illumination between this shader and vanilla.

Fused Vanilla Shaders Features

  • Waving Leaves and Water
  • Underwater waving
  • Colors that are vibrant but not overpowering
  • Lighting with a lot of color from a torch
  • The sky has a striking color contrast.
  • The sky looks realistic with flowing clouds and a realistic sun, moon, and sun. OR
  • The vanilla sky now has thicc clouds.
  • Twinkling animations enlarge and double the number of stars.
  • Flowers and other plants can be animated, such as lily pads and saplings.
  • Water that is superior and more hygienic
  • The rain will be even better with the correct splash particles.
  • The importance of shadows in the scene cannot be overstated (OPTIONAL)

During the game, the following shots were taken


Fused Vanilla Shaders


Fused Vanilla Shaders

In the afternoon: (The world gets a yellow tune)

Fused Vanilla Shaders

Fused Vanilla Shaders


Fused Vanilla Shaders - cave

Fused Vanilla Shaders


With shadows:

Fused Vanilla Shaders

Without shadows:

Fused Vanilla Shaders

Fused Vanilla Shaders

Sky and stars

Colors: Sun, moon, and moving clouds in a realistic sky:

Fused Vanilla Shaders

Fused Vanilla Shaders

Vanilla sky with the addition of thick clouds:


To flip between the two skies, click the GEAR symbol once you’ve applied.

The importance of particle-laden rain cannot be overstated!

Fused Vanilla Shaders

Fused Vanilla Shaders works solely on iOS and Android devices; it does not work on PCs or consoles.

Hybred provided the cubemap textures; check out his channel!

This is most likely the last version of this shader, as MCPE will no longer accept third-party shaders if render dragon is included.

For improved playability, use the Without Shadows version with Enhanced vanilla sky and disable in-game clouds.

Term of Use :

  • If you wish to utilize it in a video, give the URL to this mcpedl page, not the direct link or any custom link.
  • You may not use any of the textures, scripts, or modify this pack except for personal use.
  • This pack is only available through MCPEDL, and you may not distribute it with anyone else without my permission.
  • I’ll follow you down and sue you if you don’t cooperate.
  • Please report any bugs, submit suggestions, or contact me on YouTube or Discord at Fused Bolt#9525.
  • Added under water waving
  • New waving animations for water,leaves,foliage and crops
  • New flipbook animations for all the flowers, saplings etc
  • Sugar canes no longer wave
  • New slightly changed rain particles and water splash particles
  • Fixed no underwater fog
  • Fixed all the particles being invisible
  • Slight changes to the water texture

Note: the update after the final one only includes changes to the thumbnail

download button Minecraft-Packs

Download Fused Vanilla Shaders VDark (With shadow)

or here (Drive)

Download Fused Vanilla Shaders VDark (Without shadow)

or here (Drive)

More shader Pack maybe make your Minecraft more beautiful, you can find in


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