Fused Vanilla Shader VLight-The Final Update

Fused Vanilla Shader VLight will brighten up your boring and dreary worlds by adding dazzling colors, shadows (optional), wave movements, and much more. This shader is recommended if you want to increase vanilla Minecraft performance without sacrificing FPS, as it is FPS friendly and runs smoothly on devices with 1-2 GB of RAM.

Cre: Fused Bolt (Youtube)

Fused Vanilla Shader VLight

Vanilla Shader Fused VLight is a simple shader that strives to be as close to vanilla as possible.


  • Leaves that are swaying in the wind
  • Water that is swaying and water that is swaying underwater are both examples of swinging water.
  • Colors that stand out
  • A mellow yellow torch is used to light the room.
  • OR a genuine sky with a realistic sun, moon, and moving clouds.
  • The vanilla sky now has thicc clouds.
  • Twinkling stars
  • Flowers and other plants, such as lily pads and saplings, are animated, as are brightly colored water shadows (OPTIONAL)

In-game shots Day time Without shadows

Fused Vanilla Shader VLight

With shadows


Vanilla Sky Enhanced with Thicc Clouds:

In a realistic sky, realistic clouds, sun, and moon:

Night time


Water: Neather:


With shadow

Without shadow

Without shadow

download button Minecraft-Packs

Download  Fused Vanilla Shader VLight (No Shadow) or here (Drive)

Download  Fused Vanilla Shader VLight (With shadow) or here (Drive)

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