Haptic Shader (Autumn Season)

Let’s have some fun with Minecraft’s Haptic Shader, which is available for iOS, iPad, and Android. To get the most out of your maps, choose from a number of shader themes, or create your own custom theme to take your shader to new heights!

Cre: BlueLight Creatives, Twitter

Haptic Shader (Autumn Season)

Haptic Shader seeks to enrich the illuminations of your environment with a minimal to lag-free experience by using colorful and vivid colors, fluid waving motions, brilliant skies, and smooth shadows. It’s mobile-friendly, and it was built with that in mind.


Haptic shader



What’s New in this Version?

Mediafire offers ad-free direct downloads.
We’ve made some modifications to the overall appearance and performance of Minecraft 1.18 Beta. It’s now slightly less dark at night than it was in the previous release.
In comparison to earlier builds, it is now lighter, peaking at 8MB.
We plan to introduce 3D Clouds in future releases but this will be optional and can be enabled via Resource Settings by selecting the gear icon.

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