How different is Minecraft 1.18 update on Java and Bedrock?


How different is Minecraft 1.18 update on Java and Bedrock? There are two versions of Minecraft: Bedrock and Java Edition. The Java Edition is for PC players (most of them), whereas the Bedrock Edition is for everyone else. It’s the same game, but the versions are vastly different.

For both Bedrock Edition and Java Edition users, the 1.18 update drastically overhauled the game. But how dissimilar are the changes for the two versions?

Minecraft 1.18 update differs from Java Edition to Bedrock Edition

There are already a few distinctions between Bedrock and Java Edition. Java Edition users have easier access to add-ons and can use modifications, whereas Bedrock players are unable to utilize mods. Education Edition and Education features are available to Bedrock players, but not to Java players.

The 1.18 update did, however, bring one big modification to Minecraft that made the two versions more identical. Seeds were previously specific to each edition. On Bedrock Edition, a Java Edition world seed would be different.


Seeds are now found all over the world. For a Bedrock Edition world, a seed located in a Java Edition world will remain the same. However, there are a few significant differences in the 1.18 version of Minecraft on both platforms.

Stone generates until Y level 0 in Bedrock Edition, then converts to deepslate until level -7, when it becomes entirely deepslate. On the Java Edition, the transition from stone to deepslate starts at Y level 8, and it becomes deepslate at Y level 0.

When upgrading an old world in Minecraft Java Edition, the game checks more to see if it should update new pieces. For example, if users began a world before 1.18 and then updated, certain parts, particularly underground, would remain the same.

Minecraft Java Edition gamers, on the other hand, will enjoy a smoother transition from old to new worlds thanks to the 1.18 update.

The rest of the upgrade is mostly the same, with new biomes and world generation, and all of the major changes are consistent between versions.

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