How to install and use BSL Shaders for Minecraft 1.19 update

Minecraft is neither flawless nor finished, even after a significant upgrade. The game might never be fully finished because there will be additional updates like 1.20, 1.21, 1.22, and so forth. It will likely continue to look substantially the same as it does right now, which is how it appeared when it was first introduced 13 years ago.

This is deliberate; Mojang didn’t want to create a realistic game, so they developed the game and kept it that way. Strong graphics are a common priority in today’s games. There’s nothing wrong with that, but compared to those games, Minecraft is a breath of new air.

But not everyone prefers the traditional style. Shaders in particular vary and significantly enhance the appearance. BSL shaders are some of the best and most widely used out there. For version 1.19, follow these steps to install them.

BSL Shaders’ installation guide for Minecraft version 1.19

The best-looking shaders now on the market, according to many, are BSL shaders. Unfortunately, bedrock players are unable to participate in them. They can access other things like texture packs, but only Java supports shaders.

Step 1: Ensure the version matches

Players of Minecraft must also make sure their game is updated to the most recent version in order for the 1.19 shaders to function. If not, they can download previous versions of the BSL Shaders or wait until they are updated before continuing.

Step 2: Download the OptiFine mod

To use BSL Shaders, gamers will also require the OptiFine patch. Many Java users have already installed this highly regarded graphics mod. If not, the files and instructions required for mod installation are available on the OptiFine website.

Step 3: Visit the BSL Shaders site

Players may obtain the shader download files on the BSL Shaders website. The shaders’ most recent upgrade is recorded as having happened in May 2022. Technically, this happened before the 1.19 upgrade was made public.

Pre-releases, snapshots, and betas allowed modders to work with the update, and BSL was able to create shaders for the mod. It will be clear to players who download the file that it is for version 1.19.

ADVERTISEMENT file should be the format of the downloaded shader. The launcher can then be used to launch Minecraft.

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How to use shaders in Minecraft 1.19

Step 4: Visit the in-game settings

Crafters should go to the video settings in-game. They will discover the shaders option from there. Players can locate shader packs for the game under the shaders folder that will open in a new window. file must then be moved from wherever it is currently positioned in the window, which is likely to be empty of other files. Once the shader has been successfully moved over, this window can be shut.

Step 5: Activate the shader for a world

Gamers can now select the shaders they prefer in a world. In this situation, they ought to go with BSL Shaders. The list could be extensive depending on the installed settings.

In the future, if players desire to switch from BSL to another league, they should go here. Any shaders found anyplace else will also have roughly the same download procedures.

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