How to use shaders in Minecraft 1.19

Yesterday, on June 7, 2022, the Minecraft 1.19 update was finally made available. The sandbox game’s next significant update has finally been released after months of anxiously waiting. The most recent update can be downloaded by players via the app stores and game launchers on various devices. Many people would also like to use the most recent shaders with the update, though.

Shaders are modifications that improve the game’s overall graphics. To put it simply, they alter the game’s lighting, shadows, block movements, water reflections, water visibility, optical effects, and a lot more. Even after the 1.19 update, Minecraft’s vanilla version will always have the most simplistic visuals. As a result, gamers always desire to employ shaders. Fortunately, the modding scene moves so quickly that players may get the most recent shaders for the game right away.

Steps to download shaders for Minecraft 1.19

1) Download Iris Installer and any shader pack

To use shaders in Minecraft 1.19, players must first download all required files. Players can explore for other options like Iris and Sodium because the well-known Optifine mod is still unavailable for the most recent release. Shaders can be used in the game thanks to the combination of Iris and the graphic optimization mod Sodium.

Players can visit this site to download the Iris installer, which will then put Sodium on automatically. Players can then visit this webpage and select the shader they desire. Some of the most well-known shaders for the game include BSL, Sildur, RedHat, and others.


2) Installing Iris and Sodium to the game folder

Players can use the Iris installer to install all the necessary mods once they have downloaded all the necessary files. A dialog box with a straightforward installation process will now appear. Players can choose the “Iris+Sodium” option and the Minecraft 1.19 version from this menu. They will need to find the game folder later, which is located in “C:Users(PC name)AppDataRoaming.minecraft.” Finally, the “Install as Fabric Mod” checkbox has to be removed.

After everything is configured, gamers need only click install. The installer can be closed after the installation is finished.

3) Selecting Iris & Sodium version in launcher

Players must then run the official game launcher and navigate to the Java Edition page to find the new “Iris & Sodium” Minecraft 1.19 installation. This can be found in the drop-down version menu for users. The launcher may download additional files needed for the customized version to function once users click “play.”

4) Locate Shaders tab and folder

Players that enter the game successfully will see a “Fabric (Modded)” sign in the bottom left corner. Players only need to go to “Settings” and then “Video Settings” to install the shaders. The Sodium mod has provided gamers with a fully new UI here. Players now notice the “Open Shader Pack Folder” button on the “Shaders” tab of the video settings.

Players can easily drag and drop shaders into the game by doing so once they have opened the shader pack folder from the modified version of Minecraft 1.19. The compressed shader file doesn’t need to be unzipped. Once finished, gamers can access the shader’s settings and turn it on.

With Guide in this post for How to use shaders in Minecraft 1.19 that Minecraft-packs introduce, hope you can download All of shader in Minecraft Java.

More Minecraft shaders below:


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