Logical Misty Shaders

The Logical Misty Shaders is a shader set for Minecraft Bedrock Edition with a natural aesthetic. It enhances your game with features such as sunlight, moonlight, torchlight, realistic water modeling, and more.

Cre: YamaRin Skylec (YoutubeTwitter)

Logical Misty Shaders Feature

Logical Misty Shaders

Logical Misty Shaders

Sky: Aesthetic colors, fluffy clouds, and a realistic shader-generated sun


Blocks: a normal map based on texture brightness that adds three-dimensionality to blocks.

Realistic light reflections on a volumetric wave Underwater, it also produces caustics.

Lighting: skylight sunlight, moonlight, torchlight, shadows, and tone mapping.

Wavy effects: waving leaves, grasses, and water.

Android iOS, iPad OS, and an x86 version of the game for Windows 10, 11 are all supported platforms. (Note: All shaders in 1.16.200 and subsequent x64 game versions do not operate since the Render Dragon, a new graphic engine implemented in those versions, is not supported.) Also, Windows 11 hasn’t been tried, but I’m confident it will work.)

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