Lumen RTX Beta 3 (MinecraftRTX TexturePack)

Currently in beta, Lumen RTX is a resource pack that is largely stock. It makes numerous improvements to the vanilla textures, and when combined with pbr, the distinctive fog creates a wonderful experience. This bundle has its own dedicated Discord server! Here, you may keep up with the progress, offer assistance, and share your thoughts:

Lumen RTX

To deliver the finest visual experience, I set out to build PBR textures for LumenRTX that had detailed materials, were balanced, and were pleasant to the eye. To achieve this, I concentrated on how the lighting works and altered a variety of vanilla textures to function as well with Ray Tracing as feasible. I also tried to make each block as preciseas possible. Heightmap mode and Normalmap mode are two of LumenRTX’s modes.

Recommend for you some RTX Texture packs, it’s available in you can try now:

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