Minecraft: 15 Most Popular Texture Packs

Customization and freedom of choice are at the heart of Minecraft. Players can do whatever they wish in the sandbox environment, from exploring to construction to farming. Similarly, the aesthetics of the game can be modified to provide the impression of greater realism. Mods such as texture packs and shader packs have allowed players to fully immerse themselves in the game.

There are hundreds of thousands of texture packs available, especially for Minecraft. The marketplace is the ideal area for Bedrock gamers to meet new people. Java players, on the other hand, may be downloaded for free from almost anyplace. The top Minecraft texture packs for 1.17 are listed below for those looking for some of the most popular texture packs.

Anastasia Maillot updated this page on January 10, 2022: Many texture packs have been updated to the new version and are ready to use now that 1.18 has been out for a while. The new world creation, when combined with shaders and decent textures, can make a huge difference for gamers who are tired with the game’s default look. Texture pack makers haven’t been slacking either, as there are a slew of new and old packs on the market that continue to rank as some of the top Minecraft texture packs for 1.18.

Prime’s HD Textures

Theme: Cartoon-like, smooth

Creator: Prime_Mods

Many adventure-friendly texture packs are extremely detailed and rough, giving them a muddy appearance from afar. Prime’s HD Textures, on the other hand, make colors pop in a Minecraft environment while maintaining a lovely cartoon-like smoothness and vibrancy.

While most blocks are still easily identifiable, they now have a cleaner, softer, smoother appearance. It’s almost as if the world of Minecraft was hand-painted with watercolors by an artist.

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  • Theme: Medieval-fantasy, detailed, pixel art
  • Creator: FishyMintTextures

Mythic is a texture pack that transforms Minecraft into a fabled world of medieval fantasy adventure, as the name suggests. There’s no shortage of incredible touches that radically transform the game’s look and feel.+

The item icons, which are incredibly high quality and exquisite pixel graphics, are the most impressive feature of Mythic’s mobs, which have brand-new horrifying appearances. The latter is actually the major concept of the texture pack’s overall aesthetic.

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Classic 3D

3D Minecraft textures are an intriguing concept that has received a lot of attention. The sheer degree of complexity in some of the best 3D texture packs in Minecraft, however, necessitates highly powerful processors. In addition to being 3D, several of these texture packs are hyper-realistic.

This Classic 3D texture pack is a little easier for the average gamer to handle. With the exception of the brand-new 3D elements that truly bring the entire world of Minecraft life, the textures are quite vanilla and familiar. Those who have always been interested in 3D textures should give it a shot.

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Lithos 32x

  • Theme: Vanilla-friendly, detailed mobs
  • Creator: Eleazzaar

Lithos 32x is one of the most popular Minecraft texture packs, with the trend of vanilla-friendly texture packs continuing to grow. Every block will retain its distinct appearance, which is ideal for players who dislike seeing large or drastic alterations in their Minecraft landscapes.

The extra features to the blocks, items, and mobs, on the other hand, really set this texture pack out from the rest. It enhances the vanilla experience for players who want smoother, higher-definition textures. The mobs are possibly the most impressive aspect of this texture pack, with some remarkable modifications to their appearance.

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Bare Bones

  • Theme: Simple, minimalist
  • Creator: Robotpant

Despite the amount of shaders, HD texture packs, and heavy-duty mods available, many users may still find it difficult to run this content on their Minecraft. One of the greatest texture packs in Minecraft for low-end PCs is Bare Bones, which smoothes everything out wonderfully.

It has a cartoon-like texture and a very plain and minimalistic design. The blocks have little to no depth, but they have a very distinct look that helps the game feel more vivid and happy. Bare Bones has a texture aesthetic that is similar to that of official Minecraft artwork.

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  • Theme: Vanilla-friendly, rustic
  • Creator: Jicklus

The Jicklus texture collection infuses Minecraft with an indescribably delightful sweetness. Although it isn’t a full-on pink texture pack, its rustic, vaguely medieval-style textures are beautiful, making it great for gamers who enjoy building little homes and cute cottages in the game.


Although there are noticeable differences in block textures, the most of them are just subtle enough to keep things interesting. It’s an excellent Minecraft texture pack for novices who want to try something new without drastically changing the look of their game.

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  • Theme: Cartoon-like, playful, comic book
  • Creator: Sapix

Minecraft is almost begging for a more cartoonish texture pack, given how basic and vivid it is. Sapixcraft is all about doing just that. It has a humorous artistic style that may remind players of light-hearted RPG games, with rich colors, simple and clean textures, and a playful aesthetic style.

The texture pack’s treatment of tree leaves is one of its most notable features. Each leaf is now clearly rendered in leaf blocks, giving them a magnificent appearance. Just because the texture pack is lighthearted and artistic doesn’t imply it’s light on information.

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  • Theme: Medieval fantasy, RPG
  • Creator: Doku

Dokucraft is one of the most well-known and well-received texture packs in the Minecraft world, and with good cause. It’s a stunning medieval fantasy texture collection that’s ideal for RPG adventure maps and multiplayer servers. It mimics the well-known John Smith texture pack in many respects.

Dokucraft is a roguelike-style game that comes in three different flavors: light, dark, and high. The numerous varieties can be chosen depending on the player’s color scheme and saturation choices. The colors are drab and faded out, ideal for a dreary RPG adventure game or for creating grand medieval castles.

As of January 2022, only Dokucraft Light is available for 1.18.

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Faithful x32

  • Theme: Default-friendly
  • Creator: The Faithful Team

Many gamers enjoy the way Minecraft appears as it is, therefore texture packs that stay true to the game’s original colors and aesthetic are preferred. Given how faithful it is to Minecraft’s original style while improving on it, that’s presumably how Faithful got its moniker as a texture pack.

The improvement isn’t obvious at first glance, but the texture pack cleans up many of the game’s textures, making them more detailed and high resolution. It’s the same game that players have been playing since 2011, but with higher-quality textures.

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Sphax PureBDCraft

  • Theme: Artsy, comic book, playful, cartoon-like
  • Creator: Sphax

While the default aesthetic of Minecraft isn’t bad, it could need a little more cartooniness. Sphax’s PureBDCraft accomplishes this by combining art and environment. The strength of this texture pack is that while many of the blocks and creatures seem different, they’re still highly recognizable.

It’s a fantastic option for players that enjoy a comical, fun, and colorful graphics style with a wholesome appearance. The color scheme is still fairly Minecraft-like, but the textures are much cleaner and higher quality, making them look less cluttered and more like pages from a comic book.

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XRay Ultimate

  • Theme: Utility, non-cosmetic
  • Creator: Filmjolk

Without include the contentious XRay Ultimate resource pack, a list of popular texture packs would be incomplete. The download figures, on the other hand, speak for themselves. Thousands of players have picked this texture pack because it helps them to see through walls and easily discover valuable ores like diamonds.

XRay Ultimate

XRay Ultimate is obviously a cheating program. What gamers do in their single-player worlds or with their pals, on the other hand, is unimportant. When players use this texture pack on survival multiplayer servers, where resource fairness and equality are vital owing to the large number of players, it presents a button Minecraft-Packs

John Smith Legacy

  • Theme: Medieval fantasy, slightly realistic
  • Creator: JimStoneCraft
  • Image: FilaIPL

Minecraft’s RPG characteristics, such as enchanting, world exploration, and battle, are ideal for many kinds of medieval makeovers. That’s probably why John Smith is one of Minecraft’s top texture packs. It’s one of the most popular medieval fantasy texture packs in the game, and it’s ideal for RPG servers and adventure maps.

John Smith’s colors aren’t particularly bright. In truth, it’s rather washed out and gloomy, but it instantly transforms Minecraft into a medieval fantasy realm. Many of the blocks appear to be radically different from their original appearance, therefore this texture pack will appeal to players that enjoy drastic change and medieval-style button Minecraft-Packs

Compliance 64x

  • Theme: Default-friendly
  • Creator: Compliance Team

Compliance 64x is another excellent option for those who prefer a more default-friendly appearance. It can also be found on Bedrock. Compliance has the advantage of remaining faithful to Minecraft’s original aesthetic without being too light or undetectable, or too extreme. It is precisely balanced in the middle.

Compliance 64x

Compliance, on the other hand, is unusual in that it is a texture pack created by a group of people. Compliance was actually created by a collective of artists. In terms of the style, it cleans up many of the game’s textures while adding more detail to the portions that matter and should stand out to the player.

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  • Theme: Retro RPG
  • Creator: ItsStitchyYT

Indie games have grown in popularity in recent years as a result of its attractive art style. Because to its high quality and wonderfully detailed retro RPG style, this texture pack offers the same joy as Stardew Valley or a roguelike RPG game.

Faithless gets so many things right that it appeals to audiences. It has a nostalgic feel to it, as well as brilliant colors and a design that is still appropriate for the Minecraft world. 

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Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack

  • Theme: Realistic, photographic
  • Creator: Misa

Minecraft modders have pushed the game’s capabilities to new heights thanks to advances in technology and shaders. Misa’s texture pack is an excellent example of this, capturing the materials in Minecraft to a breathtakingly accurate level.

When you combine this texture pack with a shader, Minecraft appears to be a whole different game. Of course, low-end PCs may struggle to run something as demanding as this, but the end results are well worth the effort for those who can afford to push their computers to their limits.

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Minecraft was published for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation Vita, and Apple TV on November 18, 2011.

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