OSBES Shader | Minecraft PE Shaders Pack

OSBES Shader is a Bedrock Edition that is open source. As a result, open source means that you can contribute to the development of this shader. Some donation suggestions and guidelines can be found on the repository page.

Creator: Jebbyk

Osbes shader

Feature: The use of advanced lighting Normalization Various materials Effects of water Effects of the weather The influence of the wind Clouds in the sky A higher quality-to-latency ratio OSBES Shader OSBES Shader OSBES Shader OSBES Shader OSBES Shader OSBES Shader OSBES Shader   download button Minecraft-Packs

OSBES V0.14.0a.mcpack

OSBES V0.13.2a.mcpack

OSBES v0.10.2a.mcpack

Download .zip

More other top shader packs you can find out more in Hope with this shader you and your friend can be like and enjoy it together!


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