Ozocraft Remix – Bedrock Port

A 32×32 fan-updated texture pack called Ozocraft Remix continues where the original Ozocraft left off, circa 1.14. (ish). It has been my favorite “go to” resource pack for as long as I can recall since it offers a rustic atmosphere without being excessive.

Cre: StylaxGaming35 (YoutubeTwitter)

Ozocraft Remix

Ozocraft Remix texture pack strikes a great medium ground in a resolution that appears to be overlooked; it is not hyper-realistic. The texture pack has been updated with new textures and format fixes for the most recent version of Minecraft. It appears to be finished for this version as of this release, however some small tweaks will likely still need to be done in the future. For newer things, there might be some inconsistencies till I figure out how to fix them. Having said that, this is the minecraft custom pack that I personally use on a regular basis. I’ve added Better Trees along with the standard upgrades and configuration for Optifine features.


OZO (Original Pack)
Dawn_TM (Updates)
Aeonix Aeon (myself for recent parity)

John Smith Legacy and Faithful 32 textures are used to fill in blanks, Doku provided the running water (originally) along with some custom textures that I’ve made to match the original Ozocraft. If in the event that John Smith Legacy or Faithful clashes with the Ozocraft “feel”, I redo the texture from scratch. The result is that this pack keeps the overall feel of Ozocraft while making it usable on more recent releases. Updates to this pack will come as I find time.

Ozocraft is essentially “abandonware,” therefore you are free to upgrade yourself as long as you have the required credits. Dokucraft is essentially over the top, whereas Ozocraft Remix is for people who aren’t “all in” with John Smith. Because of this, it evolved into the compromise that many people grew to appreciate.

Some screenshots from


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Download OzoCraft Remix – Bedrock Port Here or (Link Backup)

Ozocraft Remix Java Page

Aeonix_Aeon Fork Page

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