Rewanston Shader: Hypercolor v0.5

Yes, are you looking for a powerful shader for mid-range devices? You’ve arrived at the correct address! My shader, Rewanston Shaders, is now available: This is the hypercolor version of the book! A cool high and lag shader for Minecraft PE.

Cre: Rewanston Studios (Twitter)

Rewanston Shader

Hypercolor v0.5 by Rewanston Shader is a shader with a unique sky and vibrant colors!

This shader, however, isn’t compatible with Windows 10.

This is only for Minecraft PE and is only available on Android and iOS devices.


It’s conceivable that some Android devices won’t be able to see the metallic reflection (Bug)

Take a look at a few of the shader’s highlights!


  • >Unique sky (with double layer cloud)
  • >Realistic water
  • >Metallic reflection
  • >Cloud reflection
  • >Beautiful End dimension
  • >Beautiful sunset/rise
  • >rhombus sun
  • >Caustic (Terrain only)
  • >And much more!!

And a whole lot more!!

Some screenshot from


Rewanston Shader

download button Minecraft-Packs

Download Rewanston Shader: Hypercolor v0.5 (Lite)

Download shader (Low)

Download shader (Medium) or here (Drive)

Download shader (Ultra)

The Images in this post had support with this shader and Elves Addon. Hope you can enjoy with your friend! Thank you. More Mcpe addons and shader packs you can check in


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