TDPE Shaders (1.2)

The TDPE Shaders for Minecraft PE aims to improve the game’s graphics by making them more realistic and appealing. This shader improves various graphical aspects of the game; however, if you don’t like any of the features, you may disable them using shader settings.

This shader may not be compatible with all versions of Windows 10.

TDPE Shaders (1.2)

Some feature from TPDE shader:


  • Water Waves
  • Underwater distortion
  • Underwater Effect
  • Underwater Sun beams
  • Sun beams
  • Sun Reflection
  • Player Shadow
  • Rain Effect
  • Shader Settings (which can be found in TDPE Shaders/shaders/glsl/Shader_Settings/shadersettings.h)

Screenshots from


TDPE Shader


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With this shader and screenshots hope you can see TDPE shader’s feature clearly, you can check more popular shader packs in



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