The Aesthetic Fantasy Shaders

The Aesthetic Fantasy resource pack adds vibrant colors, as well as shaders and textures, to your Minecraft Bedrock Edition world (32x and 16x resolutions). It’d be great for survival, construction, and PvP . Take a look at the features below and get it right away!
Creator:  YamaRin Skylec (YoutubeTwitter)

The Aesthetic Fantasy Shader

The Aesthetic Fantasy resource pack with feature such as:

Ocean waves with realistic reflections of the sun and moon.


Shaders were used to render clouds, the sun with lens flare, and the moon with moon phase.

The beauty of underwater caustic is breathtaking.


Sun and moon reflections on ores and ore chunks


Feauture of Texture:
Textures with a resolution of 32x (but not all yet.)
– 16x resolution textures on PvP weapons and armor (shorter than vanilla).

The-Aesthetic-Fantasy-shaderThe following platforms are supported:

  • Android
  • IOS is the operating system for the iPad (iOS)
  • Windows ten, eleven, and twelve (Note: All shaders in game versions 1.16.200 and after do not work since the Render Dragon, a new graphic engine introduced in those versions, is not supported (Windows 11 is also experimental, but I’m convinced it will work).

Changing the Configuration:

  • To compensate, the shader pack comes with a configuration file that users can directly alter to adjust its behavior.
  • Put the.mcpack file somewhere accessible. It’s nothing more than a compressed file.
  • To open the config file (the directory it’s in depends on your platform), use your preferred editor.

Microsoft has released a new operating system called Windows 10.
shaders > hlsl > config.fxh
There are three different operating systems: Android, iOS, and iPad OS.

shaders > glsl > config.h

  • Edit the file to alter the configuration.
  • After archiving it once more, install it.

For example, you may disable the underwater caustic by changing the following line:

  • In return, I’ll say:

Contact Information for the Author:

  • MCH YamaRin’s Twitter handle is YamaRin.
  • YamaRin#8139 is a Discord user.

Discord server name:

  • Invite to the Discord Server
  • Join my Discord to keep up with the newest news and have a good time speaking with your friends!


  • Zero v1.0 of the Universal Creative Commons

You can check more top shaders in, It maybe helps your Minecraft world more interested.

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