Top 10 Faithful PvP Texture Packs for Minecraft 2021


Faithful PVP Texture Packs for Minecraft have quickly become one of the most popular sorts of texture packs available. Since the famed pack maker xMrVizzy discovered and manufactured these kind of packs, they have become the most in demand.

One of the main reasons for the texture pack’s popularity is that it does not change or alter the appearance of the entire world of Minecraft; instead, it adds a twist to the vanilla textures while enhancing FPS and overall in-game performance. The most popular faithful texture packs scarcely touch any blocks and instead focus on improving the game’s overall appearance.

What are Faithful Packs?

Loyal Packs are texture packs that keep “true” and “faithful” to Minecraft’s default theme. That is, they do not alter or change the appearance of the original game. These types of packs do not alter the basic game’s atmosphere or environment. As a result, they’re known as “Faithful Packs.”

Sure, some Faithful packs may have modified weapons or blocks, but this does not change the spirit of how Minecraft should be played in its vanilla state.

What are Faithful PvP Texture Packs?

The appearance of Faithful PvP Texture packs has gone haywire not long after the release of Faithful packs. Pack creators used to build texture packs that would alter entire blocks and sets back in the day. On the other side, nowadays, pack creators prefer to create packs that solely change PvP items rather than blocks and particles.


Pack creators such as iSparkton and DustStorm are noted for their default edits and faithful PvP texture packs.

The Top 10 Most Trustworthy PvP Texture Packs

For years, we’ve been accumulating the best Faithful PvP Texture Packs. Go to our website’s Faithful PvP Section to see our complete list of Faithful PvP Texture Packs. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten faithful texture packs.

10. Steven’s Traditional | 64×64 Faithful

In recent years, this Faithful Edit has become one of the most well-known and widely downloaded “modern” Faithful packs. Faithful packs have declined in popularity since their emergence during Minecraft’s golden age, but Steven’s Traditional is one of the few recent Faithful packs. This resource collection was put together with great attention and precision. This pack will give you a taste of what a true 64x faithful pack feels like in-game.

Steven’s Traditional | 64×64 Faithful

Because it is a bit younger than the other faithful packs, we rated Steven’s Traditional Faithful at number ten. It hasn’t yet proven its immortality, but based on what we’ve seen so far, it appears to be on its way to being one of the most devoted packs that Minecraft players will use for as long as the game exists.

9. Chroma’s 32x Faithful Texture Pack

Steven’s Traditional | 6464 Faithful 9 | Download 32x Faithful Texture Pack by Chroma

ChromaPacks made this authentic PvP resource pack in 2016. This accurate Pack features a 32x resolution, low fire, clear invisibility, and incredible FPS. This loyal pack is a reworked version of the original faithful pack. The biggest change is that this Faithful pack’s swords are thinner and longer.

Faithful PvP Texture Packs

Because it is now one of the most used PvP Faithful packs by many YouTubers, we ranked this resource pack as the number nine Faithful PvP Pack. It’s also the second-most-downloaded loyal pack, and it’s held up well over time. Despite the fact that it was created in 2016, it is still in high demand.

8. Fps Boosting Texture Pack for Faithful PvP

Many people complained that the swords in the original Faithful texture pack were excessively lengthy. The swords are shorter in this Faithful edit, making it more ideal for PvP. This Faithful PvP Resource Pack is aimed to boost your game’s overall performance. When used in conjunction with Optifine, this texture pack significantly enhances frame rates, making your game more responsive.


The FPS Boosting Faithful PvP Texture Pack was placed eighth because it has benefited innumerable PvP fans who thought they couldn’t improve their FPS any more. After installing this devoted pack, it has given countless users a sense of fulfillment.

7. Amazing Faithful HD PvP Edit

This Faithful PvP Texture Pack was made specifically for all PvP fans that adore killing other players in high definition. The guns, armors, and long-range weapons in this Faithful PvP Pack are all quite attractive. Because it is in High Definition, this texture pack is not suggested for slower systems. If you enjoy HD texture packs and want to remain “loyal,” this texture pack is for you.

We selected this texture bundle as the seventh most popular HD Faithful texture set. This is, without a doubt, the first ever faithful HD pack. It has also received hundreds of thousands of downloads.

6. Solrflare PvP Texture Pack (Faithful)

This texture pack was one of the earliest Faithful pack revisions, and it is credited for launching the texture pack genre. This texture pack has fantastic looking swords and armor sets that appear to be for the fantasy genre, but when you try it out, you’ll notice that it doesn’t truly modify the way Minecraft is designed to be played.

Solrflare PvP Texture Pack (Faithful)

Because it has been the most downloaded faithful pack for years, we ranked Solrflare Faithful PvP Texture Pack as the top 6 Faithful PvP Texture Pack. It’s also one of the most talked-about resource packs, as well as one of the most requested.

5. Faithful 3D Resource Pack

This faithful texture pack is a 3D rendition of the original accurate texture pack. As a result, it is not advised for gamers with less powerful machines. BUT, for those with decent equipment and powerful processors, this faithful pack is the pinnacle of Minecraft 3D gaming – “Faithfully.”

Faithful 3D Resource Pack

Because the Faithful texture pack is incredibly popular and effective in operating the game, we ranked it as the number five texture pack. But, thanks to this texture pack, it’s now in 3D. This pack has been downloaded a lot, and there has been a lot of interest in it.

4. Faithful 64×64 Resource Pack

The 64x version of the original faithful pack is included in this pack. When compared to the original 32×32 Faithful resource pack, it has somewhat better overall aesthetics and fewer “obvious” edges. This texture pack was one of the most popular texture packs in 2017 and is still in demand today.ư

Faithful 64×64 Resource Pack

3. Faithful 128×128 Resource Pack

The original Faithful Texture Pack is now available in a 128x version. It is compatible with practically all versions of Minecraft. The only difference between this faithful pack and the original faithful pack is that it operates at 128×128 resolution.

Faithful 128×128 Resource Pack

We rated the 129x version of Loyal third because it has been claimed to cause slowness on slower systems; nonetheless, this faithful pack has been proved to offer a kick and make the entire gameplay feel better for decent and fast machines.

We put this Faithful pack fourth because, despite being available for a long time, it is still in high demand. Many other YouTubers have also used it, particularly those who have shown off their vanilla Minecraft structures.

2. Faithful 256×256 Resource Pack

When it comes to the Faithful genre, the 256x Faithful resource pack is arguably the greatest resolution you can acquire. The resolution of this pack is sixteen times higher than the resolution of Minecraft’s basic pixel size. Faithful 256x features HD aesthetics and razor-sharp details. If there were any ants, you’d probably be able to spot them.

Faithful 256x256 Resource Pack

Because it offers the best details among the selections, we picked this pack as the second best Faithful texture pack. It also offers the smoothest textures and a spotless appearance. However, be aware that this bundle depletes the resources of your computer.

1. Resource Pack Faithful 32×32

Faithful 32x Resource Pack – The first and most famous Faithful resource pack. A new type of Minecraft resource packs arose as a result of this texture pack. It also gave birth to the most widely downloaded packs in the world, the Faithful Edits and Faithful PvP Edits.

Resource Pack Faithful 32x32

This texture pack is considered to be a “TRUE CLASSIC.” Due of its iconic popularity and never-ending demand, we ranked this bundle first. It is now the most widely downloaded texture pack on the planet.

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