Top 5 Minecraft XRay mods and texture packs in 2021

When Minecraft players want to focus on something other than survival, they should look for mods and add-ons that can help them speed up the most time-consuming chores in the game, such as mining and finding the blocks they need.

Here are some of the top XRay mods for the game that gamers can use to improve their gameplay and get right to making what they want to do. Apart from XRay, these mods and upgrades contain a lot of other features that can be handy in a variety of situations.

Top 5 Minecraft XRay mods and texture packs

XRay Ultimate Texture Pack

Despite the fact that it is not a mod, this is without a doubt the best Minecraft texture pack for X-Raying. This works better with optifine or fullbright, as it allows the player to see what ores they are mining.

The best feature of this texture pack is that it allows players to see the block’s edge pixels, allowing them to distinguish between dirt, stone, andesite, diorite, and other materials.

This is an excellent texture pack that allows users to obtain diamonds, iron, and any other ore they desire almost instantly.

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Cheating Essentials Mod

This mod is incredible since it allows players to do so much more than just XRay. Players can use fullbright, fly, speed and leap boost, and many other features with this mod.

The only drawback to this mod is the restricted number of game versions it supports. Apart from that, this is an excellent mod for players that enjoy cheating in their Minecraft worlds to make things easier for themselves. It adds a whole new level of convenience to the game, which is desirable when you want to focus on something other than basic survival.

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Rift Xray Mod

The Rift Xray Mod is great for locating ores, caves, and pretty much every other block a player may want. Players can use several XRay settings to look for ravines, cave systems, fortresses, and mineshafts, as well as specific ores.

ift Xray Mod

This mod also includes an optional fullbright function for players who frequently neglect to bring enough torches on their mining expeditions. This mod has everything.

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Advanced XRay Mod

The Advanced XRay Mod is one of the best XRay mods available for Minecraft’s most recent releases. This mod provides a number of features that allow users to search for any block they want in their Minecraft world, making it quite useful.

Advanced XRay Mod


Players can save and toggle block searches so they can find them whenever they want without having to go through so many procedures. They have the option of adding any block from the game to their search menu. This means that, in theory, if a player is seeking for a specific biome (such as a mooshroom biome), they can search for a specific block of that region to discover it faster.

This mod is fantastic and should be used by everyone looking for convenience.

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XRay Mod

This version, fittingly named “XRay Mod,” is a fantastic mod that incorporates all of the previous mod’s features while also adding new ones. This mod includes a block finder that operates in a specific radius, as well as fullbright, flight, and a few more options for players to try out.

When it comes to X-Raying, this mod has it all, allowing players to quickly locate ores, blocks, caves, and constructed constructions. This is one of the most useful mods for Minecraft’s most recent update, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for anything similar.

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