Top 5 texture packs for Minecraft Ray Tracing

There are a lot of texture packs for Minecraft on the internet. Many of these are outdated, however they are routinely updated when new versions of the game are released. Many creators, on the other hand, produce and release new texture packs on a regular basis, often showing some of the most cutting-edge technology. One such technology is ray tracing.

Ray-tracing texture packs show off a brilliant use of realistic light technologies and block textures. They significantly adjust or enhance the resolution of specific areas of the game, sometimes rendering the game unrecognizable.

This article will go over some of the top Ray Tracing resource packs. Note: This is a subjective article that exclusively reflects the writer’s viewpoint.

Top texture packs for Minecraft Ray Tracing 

The first three packs are vanilla and run on Java Edition. The last two texture packs are for Minecraft Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition.

5) Kelly’s RTX (Creator: KellyTheDerg)

Kelly’s RTX is a popular Ray tracing texture pack for the game that is based on vanilla. The popularity of the pack stems from the fact that it is exceptionally friendly to practically all block textures and effects like as reflections and shadows.

This texture pack is recommended for gamers who want to see vanilla blocks and resources in real Ray Tracing mode with the highest possible textures.

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4) Truly Vanilla RTX (Creator: CubeIR)

More of the same can be found in the second vanilla-based texture pack on the list: high resolution, insane lighting, reflections, and shadows.

However, one element that distinguishes this texture pack from others is the attention to detail in the styling and accent work on the textures of each block, which is visibly different from vanilla textures. Lapis lazuli and emeralds, for example, sparkle like diamonds inside ore blocks, while the wooden planks are exquisitely detailed and polished.


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3) Defined PBR (Creator: MADLAD)

This texture pack for Minecraft RTX is comparable to “Kelly’s RTX.” To make its blocks appear as realistic as possible, it employs high-resolution textures and graphics.

This texture pack is a remastered version of the classic PBR texture pack with numerous bug fixes and improvements. A large performance boost, glowing ores, old ore designs, the brightness setting, cinematic fog, glowing terracotta, borderless glass, and more are among the additional features.

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2) Kingdom of Wallace RTX V3 (Creator: wallace71dnk)

The Kingdom of Wallace RTX V3 Minecraft PE texture pack is proof of what can be accomplished on a mobile device. The pack adds “depth” to the game as well as realistic lighting and shadows.

This pack comes in a variety of variations, including an x64 resolution version. It is fully optimized to provide a lag-free experience to the user.

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1) Realsource RTX Pack (Creator: REALSOURCE RTX PACK)

Realsource RTX Pack is a Minecraft Bedrock and Pocket Edition texture pack. It comes in two different resolutions: “HD” and “ULTRA HD.” It offers lighting effects, 3D surface structure, and reflections, as well as a slew of other capabilities thanks to Ray Tracing.

This texture pack is one of the more realistic texture packs for the game, with features like “mirror block” and “glowing ores.”

Since the official release of Minecraft in 2010, the game’s community has been hard at work creating mods, resource packs, texture packs, shaders, and other tools to improve the game’s entities and resources.

Texture packs just change entity textures, whereas resource packs provide additional entity behavioral patterns and object textures to the game.

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Download Realsource RTX Pack (Zip)

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