YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed Texture

YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed texture is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition reimagining of YamaRin’s Legacy that strives to be as accurate as possible. Cirrus clouds, metallic block reflections, smooth stones, water, and other reflecting blocks are just a few of the features that will be introduced to your game. Chocapic13′ Shaders control the tone mapping, whereas SEUS Renewed influences the clouds.

Creator: YamaRin Skylec (Youtube, Twitter)

YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed texture

Some Screenshots from, you can see below about YamaRin’s Legacy Renewed texture.  

Reflections on iron blocks YamaRin's Legacy Renewed



YamaRin's Legacy Renewed

YamaRin's Legacy Renewed


YamaRin's Legacy Renewed


YamaRin's Legacy Renewed


YamaRin's Legacy Renewed

YamaRin's Legacy Renewed


  • Shadows
  • There are cirrus clouds in the sky.
  • The waves have an impact on the water, plants, and agriculture.
  • Reflective elements such as water, metallic blocks, and other reflective elements
  • The brightness of the torch has been enhanced.
  • Sun and moon colors, with evening desaturation
  • There are puddles when it rains.
  • Tone mapping is a method for determining the tone of a piece of music.
  • Shaders were used to make the sun and moon.

YamaRin's Legacy Renewed

YamaRin's Legacy Renewed

YamaRin's Legacy Renewed

YamaRin's Legacy Renewed

YamaRin's Legacy Renewed YamaRin's Legacy Renewed YamaRin's Legacy Renewed


There are three different quality in this shader pack: LITE, REGULAR, and MAXIMUM! You can switch to those attributes by altering the resource pack’s settings. After altering the quality, remember to restart the game!

Platforms that can be used

  • Android
  • IOS is the operating system for the iPad (iOS)
  • All shaders do not operate in 1.16.200 or later x64 game versions because the Render Dragon, a new graphic engine included in those versions, is not supported (and also Windows 11 is experimental but I am confident it will work).

A Discord server

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Zero v1.0 of the Universal Creative Commons

You can check more other texture packs in out site, thank you!  

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