Yummysheep Shader (Render Dragon support!)

Yummysheep Shader – A shader created by a group of fans of Minecraft bedrock. The Shader altered the sky, flora, seas, and other elements. A thorough explanation will be provided below. We anticipate that the addon will enhance your Minecraft gameplay. Everything will appear more realistic with the use of this shader. Cre: Yummysheep (Youtube)

Yummysheep Shader

RTX Support!

Render Dragon support!


This shader has modified:

  • More realistic and fluid water.
  • Non-square clouds, sun and moon.

Sparkling ores (coal, iron, gold, diamonds, bronze and other stones). Enhanced shadows (this only applies to the RTX) download button Minecraft-Packs

Download Yummysheed Shader

Yummysheed Website

Download Yummysheed Shader (Link Backup)


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